Why Choose Us

Companies operate at their optimum potential

In TEKTON, industrial peace is naturally fostered by the workers and experienced by clients. There is harmonious relationship between client’s management and our workers.Client has more time to spend on planning business strategies and on improving operating system for better efficiency and profitability.

Sustain a God-based organization

TEKTON is a one of the Human Resource Department sub-components of the Tekton Guild Social Ministry of the Couples for Christ (CFC) community in the Philippines. TEKTON is guided by the spiritual values learned and developed through Couples for Christ (CFC) wherein helping others became our moral responsibility.

Christian Values Formations

We conduct regular counselling and behavioural orientation through Values Formation Workshops, Simplifying Lifestyle, Enhancing the love for work, and finding happiness in the workplace. We strongly advocate that the right attitude towards work is as valuable as technical skills.

Improve clients’ effectiveness and efficiency

Workers have co-terminus contract (1year) – same between TEKTON and Clients. As workers gain competency over time (learning curve), increase productivity results. This lowers clients operating cost and therefore, increases profitability.

Protect client-company’s image and brand

It is settled jurisprudential pronouncement that the members of the cooperative cannot bargain with themselves. Engagement with us therefore has the advantage of being in a union-free environment, a benefit extended to all our valued Clients.

Job –matched with required skills and competencies

We will unburden you from spending long hours of conducting preliminary interviews and exam of pre-qualified applicants. In so doing, we will coordinates with you to determine the specific tests appropriate for the position to be filled.


Ensure business continuity

Workers are highly motivated. Continuous employment of workers is secured as TEKTON (the outsource services firm which they co-own) has the primary purpose of providing them continuous employment by constantly seeking clients in need of their services.

Prevent disruption and losses

In engaging our services, our clients incur savings on the cost of the recruitment and training PLUS additional savings as we serve a part of your administrative operations.

Avoid prohibitive costs of training and/ or failure.

Not being subject to monthly or limited employment periods, there is no need more to re-train your employees on technical and operational requirements.



Tekton General Assembly AVP


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